Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jessica's Persuasive speech on question of policy

Jessica's Persuasive Speech on Question of Policy Presentation Posted by Picasa

Click here to view the presentation.


At 9:19 PM, Blogger aidenyeh said...

Jessica's self-eval posted to the class's Yahoogroup (see below). Teacher's feedback will be given in full next week.
Dear Aiden,
After I saw my presentaion, I am not very satisfied with it.
I think I have too much physical actions, such as touching my hair or
turn the pages of my script. Also, I think I did not recite the speech
very well and my voice is not very clearly. The biggest problem is that
I think I should put more emotion into this speech. However,
about the good aspects. I think I maintained eye contact. I also
gained attention of listeners. At the end of the speech, I told my
audience to take action right now. I also coompleted my speech in
time limit.

P.S.This is my self-evaluation. Please tell me after you receive my
self-evaluation. Thank you. ^^


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