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TASK for May 30, 2006

For May 30, 2006


1) Choose one important Taiwanese figure to be a keynote speaker for Wenzao Ursuline College's Graduation Ceremony for Batch 2006-2007.

2) Choose a particular subject or theme that you want to focus on in relation to the nature of your speaker's background (success/popularity/influence)

3) Follow the guidelines stated in your book (see Speeches of Introduction) and most importantly, make sure that you're able to answer the 4 questions posted below.

4) Prepare one powerpoint slide that contains a picture of your invited guest speaker.

5) Your speech should be at least 2-3 minutes (not less than 2 minutes, not exceeding 4 minutes)

6) Peer-feedback (assigned partner) and a comprehensive self-evaluation must be submitted a week after the presentation (Deadline: June 6, 2006)

The following text is from ECG Library. It contains good tips to help you when you do your Speeches of Introductin on May 30, 2006.

"Your purpose as an introducer is to help the speaker you are presenting to get off to a fast and comfortable start. The best way to accomplish this purpose is to answer four simple questions in your speech of introduction. Answer in the order below. Answer accurately, interestingly, and briefly.

Why this subject?
Why this subject before this audience?
Why this subject before this audience at this time?
Why this subject before this audience at this time by this speaker?

Your skillful introduction will create a pleasant harmony between subject, audience, occasion, and speaker. And then comes your critical moment as an introducer-the moment of presentation. At the end of the last sentence of your introduction, with a climactic intonation of unmistakable finality, announce your speaker's name. Announce it clearly and with sharply increased volume.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you (slight pause)

Continue to face your audience as you deliver this last sentence, so the speaker's name is not lost through a premature turn of the head. Then swing swiftly about and face your speaker with an alert expression of friendly welcome on your face. Remain standing in this position until the speaker rises and acknowledges your introduction. Then sit down.
Your work is done."

Source: ECG Library


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