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Speeches of Introduction

Student Presentations

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At 5:50 PM, Blogger aiden said...

This message is from Penny.
Class: UE3B No.: 1092200106 Name: Penny Huang

Peer evaluation of Britney’s the introduction speech

Based on Britney’s video of introducing the famous person, Yen Chi, Britney did a good job for she have followed the following requirements. At the beginning of her speech, she greeted and smiled at all the audience and then built enthusiasm for the upcoming person, which I can feel from her intonation and _expression. In addition, she mentioned that the famous person came from a wealthy family; however the person utilized her own great passion and effort to achieve her own goal instead of relying on her rich family. This message we can prove that its topic is related to all the graduates at graduation ceremony because this example can inspire graduates to use their talent and efforts and eventually they will reap their own harvest.

Also, she showed why the famous person was so successful and remarkable by stating it with a survey from Time’s Magazine in 2001, which was effective and persuasive. Moreover, through her whole speech, she maintained a good eye contact with the audience. Besides, her pronunciation, intonation and gesture of welcoming the person (at the end of the introduction) are effective to the speech.

However, she should pay attention not to look up her script when introducing the title of the famous person at the beginning of her introduction; that will be perfect. Furthermore, she can practice and memorize it more at home to speak more fluently.

To conclude, Britney’s speech was successful based on the above advantages I pointed out and she should also be aware of improving some small mistakes, which will benefit her more.

At 5:52 PM, Blogger aiden said...

Britney's Self-evaluation emailed 6-2-2006

Self Evaluation

After delivering my speech of introduction, I think I was too nervous this time. Perhaps I tried to memorize all the words. And I was too nervous to memorize all of them. Moreover, I switch the microphone from right hand to the left. It has happend on me twice. After seeing my video, I found that my voice was not enthusiatic enough. I should practice more in front of the mirror to improve these mistakes before going to the stage . Finally, I use a posture to welcome my famous person coming on the stage. I think I emphasize the person again and caught my audiences' eyes.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger aidenyeh said...

Peer evaluation: Matt’s the introduction speech

After watching Matt’s video, I think he did a good job in introduction speech. The person, Betty Wu, he introduced is a famous anchorwoman and female writer. She has done so many inspiring and encouraging novels. Thus, she is a great person to be chosen and invited to graduation ceremony.

At the beginning of the speech, he greeted the audience with energetic voice. It is a good start of the speech. Then he showed the audience her grand accomplishments and told the audience why she is so important to be invited to graduation ceremony.

The content of the speech is clear and easy to understand. His pronunciation is clear and good. His voice is loud enough in the entire speech. Besides, he maintained a good eye contact with the audience and controlled the speech in time limit.

However, there something he should pay attention to. First, he made a mistake that he didn’t notice that his powerpoint was not broadcasted. When he noticed the thing, it caused a brief pause of the speech. Second, I think he should hold the microphone in one hand, not exchanging the position of microphone to the other hand. Third, if he can put more enthusiasm into the speech, it will be great.

Written by Kenneth, posted by Aiden on 6-5-2006


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