Wednesday, May 10, 2006

People should not abandon their dogs

Penny's persuasive speech Posted by Picasa

Click here to watch the presentation (with ppt). Right click and select "save as" to download file.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger aidenyeh said...

Dear Penny,

Many thanks for sending in your self-evaluation. I will give my feedback sometime next week.


Dear Aiden:
About my presentation this time, I find out that I need to be more aware of not swaying my head so often. Besides, I should be speak with more condience and fluency, that will be better!!
Besides those details I need to pay attention next time, I feel that I really have a lot progress in making reserch on my topic. In addition, I maintain eye contact with the audience. For my "Introduction", I use vivid and real example to get my audience's attention. However, I should be pay attention and consideration about that who the target audience I really want to persuaide, that is I shouldn't assume that all my audience have dogs. so maybe next time, when I choose a topic, I need to consider it ththoroughly.
Over all, I am satsified with my performance!!
thank for teacher's feedback for me!!


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